This past summer I had the pleasure of helping to coordinate a wedding for a fantastic couple, Danielle & Justin at one of the more intimate venues in the Temecula area, Secluded Gardens. This wedding had it all in the sense that the couple was great at knowing exactly what they wanted in a wedding and for that matter in each other.



Danielle & Justin Wedding Highlights - Secluded Garden Estate - Temecula CA. from Blue Tiger Films on Vimeo.

WW RatedThis week I had my web designer take a look at my website and suggest some updates, why? Because we all know that things (tech in this case) constantly changes and what was great and fine a few months ago - isn't today. 

The outcome of this review was to update our photo gallery and other things. The photo gallery - yes, beacuse today, images and looks are everything when designing a wedding. One only has to see the effect that Pinterest has had on the brides abilities to pull new and engaging ideas together all in one board. I can't tell you how many times in the past 6 months I've sat with a new client with iPad in hand looking over her varuois Pinterest boards and pins.

So we added the new Gallery of images. Only 30 in this case because these are the highlights and frankly I have too many to show.

Secondly we added the Weddingwire Icon as a quick link to my client reviews on Weddingwire. I have too be better in this area, as asking for reviews is a challenge, especially when you do as many events as I find myself doing these days. Hopefully over time, many of you future brides can read a few of the nice words that many of these past clients have to say about my services. You tend to build up bonds with these great ladies, and even so many of them will only need my services once, this should give them a space to share their experiences.


starry night bridal soiree image Not your typical bridal show

That's an understatement! I know that's not good punctuation - but this is true. The Starry Night Bridal Soiree being held this upcoming March 8th at Wiens Family Cellars is really just that - the 'wedding' design showcase of the Valley and likely for all of the IE. This event is special in that the entire membership of the Temecula Valley Wedding Professionals (120+ members) are teamed up to create showcase exhibit areas highlighting the latest in design trends for the upcoming 2014 wedding season.

It's well know that this year is going to be a banner year for weddings in the Temecula Valley. Area venue bookings are fair exceeding the past couple of 'recession' years, and with this, comes a renewed enthusiasm for staging weddings and receptions that embellish themes. These themed affairs are all the newest trend for both local, and celebrity nuptials. Remember the Sean Parker' Refined Woodlands themed wedding last year that reportedly cost over $10 million, and lets not even bring up the Kardashians and the one coming down the road this year (ak.a Kim).

The point is that you can now incorporate these aspects into your wedding at little cost with some imagination and creativity - this is exactly what the Starry Night Bridal Soiree is for.  Sharing the tips and tricks in a real world environment. This years Soiree has 6 showcases ranging from the Refined Woodlands all the way to Marbleized. Couple these with a real mock wedding, bridal gown fashion shows, food, and entertainment and you have what the Americans call a party (but we like the french word - Soiree).

I would encourage all potential and newly engaged brides and grooms to set aside a couple of hours in the evening of March 8th, and come and experience something uniquely different - but also alot more fun that the typical boooth-by-booth bridal show.

More information and registration can be found at

annette nielsen wedding planning

As a wedding planner I often get asked, "What is your true value and why should I hire a wedding planner." For most couples, planning their wedding is all new to them. While this is very exciting it can also quickly become overwhelming. With the average cost of a wedding these days raising in excess of $30,000, one need to ask the question; why leave anything to chance! With all the spent time, endless details, and of course money that you and your families are spending, don't you want to know that on the day of your wedding that your main activity is to relax and enjoy the life-changing event as you're in capable hands with your wedding planner leading the team of wedding professionals to bring it all together just as you designed the day.

When starting the planning process with a new bride and groom, a planner will usually get to know the couple and find out what their vision is for their wedding day. A good planner often helps with establishing a budget that maximizes what can be created and works in tandem with the other key wedding professionals on the vendor team to help keep them within budget. It's not unheard of that a wedding planner will typically save couples money because of their experience with dealing with getting preferred rates from their selected vendors and suppliers which results in the wedding looking more substantial and within budget.

Simply put, the wedding industry is a very personal industry it is about connecting with the couple seeing their vision and bring the right style of vendors to the table to turn their vision into reality. What I love most about this industry is that no two weddings are the same because no two couple are the same.

Whether you are hiring a planner for day of the event, month of, or full-service planning this will be the best money you will spend. Remember you only have one day to get it right and we all know there are no do overs on the wedding day. Hire true wedding professionals that know what they are doing.

So my come back to couples asking why hire a wedding planning is; As a planner I help you save time, money and relieve the stress from being overwhelmed with the planning process. I feel at the least the bride and groom need to hire a day of the event planner to be their personal liaison between them, the venue and vendors. Feel like a guest and enjoy every moment of your special day by Hiring a wedding planner.

events by annette logoNot many of us can remake what we do, but after bring away on the corporate side of the wedding and events arena for the past couple of years, Events By Annette is back.

We've been doing what we love, but in other places and providing the level of care and expertise that are a trademark of the weddings coordinated by me. But as with all roads, you reach a point that causes you to look around, and re-position yourself to what you really love - doing just weddings! Thus, 2014 is starting with a new look for Events By Annette that hopefully will allow us to recapture what had been a lifelong passion of mine, and allow me the freedom to continue to provide personal wedding planning services that routinely exceed my clients expectations.

If you need any information, opinions on the newest trends, or even a question like where to find this or that - please feel free to reachout to me and let me help make that special day everything that you've been dreaming about



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